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13 Sleeping Hacks To Help You Fall Asleep Faster

2018-12-11 Sleep 754

Although you are pretty tired and exhausted after a whole day of work and eager to sleep at night, do you still find it difficult to fall asleep? After tossing and turning thousands of times and hitting the pillow, you’ll find yourself wide awake until midnight. Luckily, we’ve found 13 hacks to help you kill time and gradually find your way to Zzz’s dreamland.

13 Sleeping Hacks To Help You Fall Asleep Faster

1. Count in powers of two instead of livestock when you are lying in bed. For example, ‘1,2,4,8…’ and continue three, four, five... as much as you can... until you doze off. Just the fact of involving numbers makes me fall asleep.
2. Acquaint yourself with the elusive and long-winded works of literature like psychological ones, ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’ or ‘Ulysses’ and persist on reading, even if you have no idea about the words or paragraphs in the articles.
3. Think how to turn your body into pretzel-like postures until you decide to try it or find a bag of pretzels in your home and can’t help eating all of them. Then, sip some warm chamomile tea.
4. Don’t use your phone or electronics 1 hour before bed. Side-effects may include severe anxiety.
5. Practice your fire escape drill multiple times, including a victory dance each time.
6. Listen to any episode of law and order as long as there aren’t any commercial interruptions.
7. Go to YouTube and find a 24-hour long rain video. They’re there, I promise.
8. Look up ‘Slow TV: Bergen to Oslo’ - the train ride from Bergen to Oslo. In Norway, which lasts for seven hours and uncut.
9. Take a pen and write down every single thing you think of until you cannot think of anything else. Trust me, this will empty your mind and relax, making you get sleepy. If not, at least you’ve started a decent biography of your thoughts.
10. Lying on the bed and curl your toes, hold for a few seconds, then uncurl. Repeat this movement to help you knock out at night.
11. Lock your phone. Gently place it on the book on your nightstand, then place that book in the living room, under the couch.
12. Repeat the first 11 tips.
13. If all else fails, at least you’ve read this article twice.


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